Best Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings are designed with more simplicity than the bride’s engagement or wedding ring. Despite the need for fewer details in men’s wedding rings, the diverse range of metals makes them as special as the bride’s. 

There are different materials you can use to design a man’s wedding ring, and choosing metal as the primary metal is a step in choosing your ideal wedding ring. 

Shopping for the best men’s wedding bands can be intimidating due to the many options. This is particularly true for men who weren’t anticipating having such a wide range of options.

This article covers the best metals for men’s wedding rings. 


As expected, the metal that tops the list for men’s wedding rings. Gold is a popular metal for jewelry and even more popular for wedding rings, including men’s.

All gold is combined with other metal alloys for structural rigidity because pure gold is too soft to be worn daily. All gold jewelry is rated in karats to indicate how pure it is. For instance, while 18-karat gold contains roughly 75% gold, pure gold is 24-karat.

To get a good quality wedding band, get at least 14-karat gold; anything lower means you will get less than 50% gold content.

There are different types of gold classified according to color. Yellow gold is an iconic choice that can be traditional and contemporary for men’s wedding bands. Although it will look good on anybody, it seems incredible on men with darker skin tones.

You get rose gold when you mix copper with gold, another unique type of gold. Rose gold metal is not commonly used for men’s wedding bands, but it is good for vintage-inspired men’s wedding bands.

Rose gold rings look cozier and more romantic due to their soft pink hue. But its looks can be deceiving because it is the most durable type of gold (this is because of its copper component)

If you want a gold wedding ring forever in vogue, you should go for white gold. White gold is a high-quality gold suitable for any skin color. 

It does not matter what the quality of the gold is; it will bend and scratch. So you must polish and buff it regularly after years of use.


Titanium is a popular substitute metal for men’s engagement rings because of its durability and stylish appearance. 

Being the hardest metal, only a few materials can make a mark on titanium, making it scratch-resistant. And it is also tarnish-resistant. It is available in black and silver, making it more suitable for men with active lifestyles.

However, choosing titanium metal for your wedding is risky because it can not be resized; you might need to do away with it if you get the wrong size. 

One of the most distinctive qualities of titanium is its weight. Even though it is as strong as steel, it is light in weight. This makes it suitable for people who dislike feeling the weight of rings. 


Platinium is a bright white precious metal known as one of the rarest metals in the world, making it one of the most expensive too.

Platinum has always been a popular choice for men’s wedding rings, and its popularity was rationed during the war. In the absence of platinum, people had to look for a similar metal as an alternative, and white gold was the closer and less expensive choice. 

Now that platinum is available, it is high on the list as a leading choice for metals for men’s wedding rings metal. 

The platinum’s purity determines its price, and it is best gotten in the purest form. A typical pure platinum band should contain 90% platinum and 10% alloys. 

Although it’s expensive, it’s a reasonable choice considering its durability. Platinum is one of the world’s strongest metals and will hardly show a sign of wear and tear after years of usage. 

Unlike other metals, you don’t have to repolish or replate platinum as it does not lose color. You will enjoy its luster for years and only change it if you get tired of it.


Cobalt is an alternative if you love the look of white gold rings but at a more affordable price. In addition to costing less than white gold, it is more durable and requires less maintenance. 

Cobalt is a strong metal, which can be an issue if you get the wrong size since it can’t be easily resized. 

Even though cobalt is said to be hypoallergenic, this claim is subject to change as there are different degrees of hypoallergenic associated with this metal. 

Commonly, cobalt is combined with chromium and/or tungsten in cobalt alloys. It can also contain trace amounts of iron, carbon, silicon, manganese, or molybdenum may also be present. 

If you want to strengthen cobalt, ask your jeweler to combine it with nickel. 


Palladium is another precious metal with a white, silver-colored hue. Rings and other jewelry made of palladium have a color and general looks that are very similar to those made of platinum.

Palladium is a durable metal that is also scratch-resistant. However, instead of being scratched, the metal can be displaced. 

One of the reasons people prefer palladium to platinum is its weight. Palladium is lighter and slightly less costly than platinum. 

Palladium rings could be embellished with diamonds, precious stones, or engravings. This metal is also incredibly adaptable and durable enough to withstand wear from an active lifestyle.

If you are allergic to Nickel, Palladium is an excellent choice since it has hypoallergenic properties. 

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten and carbon. Combining these elements produces one of the hardest metals you will encounter. It is lower than only diamond on the scale of hardness. 

It is a strong and durable metal with high scratch-resistant properties, making it perfect for men who work on construction sites or similar jobs. 

However, just like other tough metals, you can not resize tungsten. Men’s tungsten wedding bands are available in white, gray, and black, and they frequently feature artistic inlays such as wood and vivid opal. 

Other personalized elements, such as brushed finishes, beveled edges, palladium accents, imprints, and laser engravings, can be added to tungsten bands. As a result, tungsten rings frequently have the most distinctive patterns found on men’s wedding bands.

Tungsten is more affordable than most metal alternatives, making it a more affordable option for wedding bands.


Silver is one of the most popular metals used for men’s jewelry. The accessibility of this choice appeals to a lot of people.

Silver is one of the most affordable metals to make a classy wedding band for men. But its affordability comes with its cons. 

Silver is a metal that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Over time, this metal will begin to tarnish, necessitating routine cleaning and polishing. You may notice signs of wear and tear sooner than anticipated because it scratches fairly easily.

Silver is a good option for people on a tight budget, even though it is less long-lasting or low-maintenance than other metals. In addition, silver resembles white gold in appearance. An excellent way to achieve a high-end look on a much smaller budget is to buy a silver ring.

You can go for a silver ring if you intend to change it later but need an affordable one immediately. 

Stainless Steel

A strong, long-lasting newcomer to the jewelry world is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great option if you want a sturdy ring but want to save money. 

It can be polished but will eventually show signs of wear. Regarding resizing, some jewelers might be unable to do so because they need the necessary tools to work with stainless steel. 

Larger factories and manufacturers can resize a stainless steel band even though it is challenging.


Another unorthodox metal that has gained popularity over the years for men’s wedding rings is tantalum. Tantalum has a bright shine that resembles that of many precious metals and is a slightly darker color than platinum.

Tantalum wedding rings have a high level of resistance to abrasion, warping, and other types of typical wear and tear.

Tantalum is relatively hard, so you do not have to fear that it will shatter when it falls. 

Tantalum is hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause allergic skin reactions, like many other metals. It’s also a fairly malleable metal, so it can be resized, though it can be difficult to find jewelers familiar with tantalum.

Tantalum is a fantastic metal option for men’s wedding bands overall. Despite being slightly more expensive than titanium or tungsten carbide, it offers excellent value for the money, is strong, and has a fashionable, masculine appearance.


As you can see, you are spoilt for choices when looking for suitable metals for wedding bands. What is left is considering different factors and personal preferences to choose the best wedding band for you. 

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