How Important Is a Wedding Proposal?

A wedding proposal is that day when all the butterflies come around, a tear may drop but most importantly, it’s the beginning of the life journey with your partner. 

While many anticipate this day, a lot of opinions today have reduced the need for a wedding proposal. After all, you can always plan a wedding straight-up with an actual proposal out of the picture. 

So, how important is a wedding proposal? The answers are right under this.

Read on! 

  • Reveals your level of commitment

For everyone in a relationship, the main reason is because of the care, love, and commitment to take it to the final stage – which is marriage. 

After the decision to begin a relationship, the future ahead is something to discuss. While the dating period varies from one person to the other, popping the question will show how committed you are to the relationship. 

Women, most of the time, decide about the next level in their thoughts after some time of being together with their partners. 

After concluding, the next step will be anticipated. When this takes a lot of time, worry, boredom, and doubt set in. 

On your part, the proposal will show how ready you are to spend your life with her. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to propose already. 

  • Strengthens the relationship

Drawing from the point above, the waiting period in the relationship after the assurance of love can cause a lot of problems. At this stage, your partner may even decide to ask what’s up with you both just to set things straight. This when unattended to, will break the bond you both share and makes you deal with a series of problems. 

However, with the proposal done, your partner is sure of your commitment and ready to invest all into the relationship and the future ahead. The various discussions about your family, kids, finances and vacations get deeper and the bleak picture becomes clearer. 

  • It’s worth celebrating

Ain’t you happy to take the next step? Common! It’s a thing to be celebrated, plus it only happens once in a lifetime. 

Remember your first date and how you both were happy to spend time with each other? The joy lasted a while, right? This time, it will even be overflowing, so it’s worth all the glitz and glamour. 

The proposal date will be one you both would remember as the day you decided to begin the journey to forever. While some would argue it’s the wedding day, the proposal day is one that led to the wedding preparations. 

After this, a lot of planning comes in and you may not get time to party together like before. So, this one time you’ve got, celebrate it. 

Work with what your partner wants and have all the fun you can ever imagine. The saying has always been You Only Live Once (YOLO) but with a little tweak, you can as well say You Only Propose Once (YOPO).

  • It shows the level of love and consecration for your partner

Planning a proposal, no doubt requires some consecration and may consume some of your time. But regardless, you’re willing to pull it through to any level because of the love you have. 

So, it’s not all about the fun, it prints an impression in your partner’s heart about how much you love them. Seeing their favorite people, the best colors, food, drinks, and other personalized stuff, even the ring details, tell them a lot about the future you’re willing to have her. 

  • It’s a dream come true

Women and fantasies are inseparable twins. Even for single folks, there’s a time of dreaming about prince charming – just like in the Cinderella story. So, ain’t you ready to make your partner’s dream come true? 

It all starts with getting what she wants. Sometimes, you may even get to know how much she anticipates the day, the people she wants around, the location, the type of ring, and so on. 

Putting all these things together will be a dream come true for her and you’ll get to sweep her off her feet. 

  • It’s a moment of promises

Promises go a long way to assure a partner of the journey ahead. So, you need a lot of promises and assurances that’ll accompany your proposal to show how much you’re willing to support, encourage and walk together as a couple forever. So, the proposal is important because it is a time to reassure your partner of your willingness to continue. 

  • It will give memories to cherish

Life is all about making beautiful memories and a proposal will add to the beautiful moments you’ve had. By inviting your friends and colleagues to share in the beautiful moment and taking lovely pictures, you’ll surely have something to hold onto till another milestone. 

Also, your kids and grandkids will have some pictures to glance through while you narrate your love story. 

  • Shows she’s off the market

For the decent shot shooters, every woman can still be wooed unless there’s a ring on the finger. Although it’s not the final one, the proposal ring will send a signal to other intruders. So, secure your stand with her by proposing and putting the ring on it. 

  • Brings in some decency

For most religions and traditions, partners shouldn’t stay together unless married. While this is gradually changing in the global age, women would still want some form of assurance before moving in or getting intimate with you. What brings this assurance? Proposal. 

By proposing, you’re looking at getting married soon, meeting your families, planning your lives together, and doing other fun things. Even though you can go into marriage directly, a proposal will make it more defined. 

  • Helps you understand each other better

With the proposal comes a switch from dating to courtship. This is the most important stage for many couples because it’s a period of discussing the deeper things and planning a life together. 

Here, you get to understand more things about your partner, make major decisions about all aspects of life, and lots more. So, from the proposal day till the marriage, you’re signing a contract to understand each other better.


You’ve read lots of reasons why a proposal is important at this time when many would disagree about the need for the fuss. Are you convinced that you should plan a proposal now? Enjoy the planning process and have more fun on the day.

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