How to Hire a Photographer When Proposing

Your relationship has reached the stage where you can confidently ask to take it to the next step. Before you plan the wedding, ensure that the proposal is memorable and special to show your partner that you are excited to spend the rest of your life with them. 

Your wedding pictures start from the proposal pictures, so you must capture the moment, whether it is a private or public proposal. 

Since it is likely a surprise proposal, you must discreetly choose the photographer without your partner’s help. 

Should You Hire a Photographer for Your Proposal?

Before hiring a proposal photographer, you should determine if you need a photographer for your proposal.

It depends. While having a proposal photographer is optional, many people do so for a souvenir of this life-changing event. 

A wedding proposal is the start of an exciting new chapter in your life, and you may come to regret not having this key occasion documented if you forego proposal photographs.

We understand that many people want their marriage proposal to be a private, unique occasion. The advantage of having a secret proposal photographer film the event is that you get an intimate, romantic moment while walking away with photographic memories of the proposal to share on social media.

Tips to Hire a Photographer When Proposing

Here are tips to help you hire a proposal photographer. 

  1. Research wedding proposal photographers

Some wedding photographers specialize in both proposal and wedding photography. You can research a photographer with a good portfolio and check if they will suit your proposal. 

You do not have to limit your research to wedding photographers alone; check out other pros and see if they can capture you in the environment you choose for the proposal. 

Here are some things to look out for in a proposal photographer.

  • Someone who can be discreet

If keeping your proposal a mystery is important, find someone your partner will not recognize. You don’t want your spouse to catch a glimpse of their photographer friend with a camera in hand as you’re going down the beach where you first met. 

If you decide to go with someone from your same social group, make sure they are aware that the planned proposal shoot will be kept a secret from mutual friends. News spreads quickly; even the smallest blunder may derail a carefully planned event.

  • A digital Photographer

Everyone wants the perfect pictures of them flying in the air, jumping with joy, and other special moments in the proposal, and digital photography is the best when to get your proposal in perfect focus. 

When choosing photographers, check their previous work to ensure they’re not merely good at capturing posed moments.

  • Someone with knowledge of the area

When researching the photographers, check the ones near your location or the proposal location, so you do not have to spend too much on flying in the photographer. 

A local photographer will understand lighting, will be aware of anything that could affect the images, and will be able to advise you on the ideal time of day to pop the question. 

After choosing a couple of photographers that seem perfect for the job, you can move on to the next step: speaking to them. 

  1. Plan alongside the Photographer

Once you have chosen the proposal photographer, you can move straight to planning the event to ensure everything goes well. 

Working with a photographer for a surprise proposal means the photographer will be invisible for the pre-proposal activities while still capturing important moments. 

If you work with an experienced proposal photographer, you will get advice on the best way to go around it since they are used to similar events. 

You can also brainstorm your ideas with the photographer, adjust some details, and add things that will make the proposal perfect. 

After everything is done, send the details in writing to your photographer to be sure you are not missing out on any details and plan toward D-day. 

  1. Get your epic proposal pictures

Your wedding proposal photographer’s professional images will be ideal for save-the-date cards, wedding websites, and social media postings to spread the word. Here are ways to get the best pictures

  • Prioritize Good Lighting

Lighting is essential, and one of the most common mistakes in proposal images is poor lighting.  While natural light is the most attractive, other types of lighting can also create a lovely ambiance. 

Ask your photographer for advice, and aim to plan outside proposals for later in the day when the sun is low for even light.

The optimal placement for indoor proposals has you both facing a window with natural light shining on you. Also, soft illumination, such as string or bulb lights, lots of candles, or cool lamps and chandeliers, can offer a romantic ambiance whether you want to propose outside or indoors.

  • Embrace all the emotions

The perfect proposal pictures capture candid and raw emotions. It is normal to want a more composed picture while you both look your best. 

But if you want the pictures to show you the true event and memories, stop worrying about little details about how you look or what is missing. 

Ultimately, your favorite pictures will be the ones showing genuine emotions. But in all you do, do not try to recreate the proposal or feelings. 

  • Enjoy the moment

When everyone is there, making your proposal into an impromptu engagement session is tempting, but don’t go overboard.

 A few staged shots are OK, but a full engagement shoot would be overkill. It’s more about letting them drink it all in and document it than getting that perfect photo.

That also applies to the newly engaged pair. Don’t focus on taking that perfect Instagram photo or writing the right post that you miss living it. 

Otherwise, you’ll become frustrated and make your partner an Instagram husband or wife too soon.


Choosing a proposal photographer does not have to be hard if you do the right thing. Research experienced photographers, check out their work, choose the best, and start your planning. 

But remember, in all you do, live in the moment and enjoy it. 

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