Ten Things Every Groom Must Do Before the Wedding

Since brides are usually in charge of most wedding details, the grooms often take this for granted and do not play their part until asked. 

As the groom, you have as much responsibility as the bride, and considering the number of things your spouse is trying to take care of, there are some things you should do and take off your partner’s worry list. 

Here is a list of your responsibilities as the groom.

  1. Get a haircut

No groom wants to look shabby on the big day, no matter how nonchalant. One of the important tasks to do to freshen up your look and impress your spouse is to get a new haircut. 

You should not put off the haircut till the last minute because unplanned tasks might come up, leaving you no time for yourself. Also, it gives you time to rectify any mistakes with the trim; for example, if your trim turns out short, it will grow out before the wedding. 

As part of the wedding planning process, the groom should learn the shape of his face and choose a hairstyle that compliments it. 

If you have a beard, you can shape it as you do your hair. As much as a clean face is good, you will stand out with a well-kept beard. 

  1. Speak With Your Family

Imagine the number of people (vendors, friends, and families) your spouse has to speak with to ensure everything goes as planned. Counting these people can give you a headache, so it is best to look for a way to help out: speaking to your side of the family. 

Speak to your own family and let your spouse talk to hers. If your family members offer to contribute to the wedding financially, they have more say. So, make it a duty to follow up. 

You must organize your side of the family’s guest list as well. You can also help to collect friends’ and family members’ addresses for the invitations. 

If you and your spouse use a divide-and-conquer strategy with your respective family sides, you will feel less overwhelmed

  1. Organize the Rehearsal

Since everyone is in charge of something, the groom should take control of every rehearsal detail. 

You must organize a rehearsal with the bridal party and anyone in charge of the program. You are to ensure everyone knows their roles; what to do, where to stand, what to say, and other details. 

You, the groom, could host a small pre-wedding party too. The wedding rehearsal should be brief and uncomplicated.

Remember, it is just a dress rehearsal, so you do not have to go through all the rituals for a successful rehearsal. 

Put everyone in their proper places so that you can gauge their distance from one another. Make sure you have everything you need by quickly reviewing the ceremony reading. Everyone can adapt to their position with enough practice.

Bear in mind that you also have something to do in the rehearsal; prepare your speech. Get more comfortable by picturing how exciting it will be for you and your spouse.

The speech should be viewed as a lovely manifestation of your love and devotion for one another, not as a task.

Practice for a while at the rehearsal. As an alternative, you could create a notecard outline. Just in case your brain is empty.

  1. Choose Your Wedding Band and Attire

You and your spouse could have decided on your attire and wedding band during the process. But if that is not the case, do not wait till a few weeks before the wedding to decide because it might take a while to prepare your and your groomsmen’s clothes.

Consider the overall theme of your wedding and the location before making your suit choice. Is the wedding in a lavish ballroom in the city or a small backyard? It will be easier to choose what to wear if you keep in mind the day’s aesthetic.

You can wear a traditional black tuxedo with a few accessories for a formal theme. And a navy suit with a light-colored tie might be more appropriate for a seaside celebration than a three-piece suit.

You could show some personality with a patterned pocket square or a pair of personalized cufflinks. Whatever you wear should feel true to who you are and your style.

Furthermore, you’ll want to shop for rings, but this time for yourself! Give yourself plenty of time to find the ideal band, whether you visit the jeweler alone or with your fiance. (You might want to save up to get the perfect ring)

For your groomsmen, organizing their suits could be as simple as checking if they are on the right track with their suits. 

If suits are purchased or rented, schedule a time that works for everyone for the guys’ suit fittings. You might also have to coordinate the dads and brothers.

  1. Prepare Your Wedding Presents

Did you plan on giving your fiance a wedding present? Or did you think gifts could only come from guests? What would you do when your spouse gives you her wedding present; smile awkwardly?

Now that you know you ought to give a wedding present, you should get to it as quickly as possible. A few months before the wedding is the ideal time to prepare that gift you’ve been meaning to make. Think of something special to make your spouse feel on top of the world.

Make sure it’s something she’ll enjoy, such as her preferred champagne, a handwritten note, or a humorous song that makes her laugh. 

The majority think homemade gifts are preferable to ones from the store. Creating something beautiful and meaningful must not cost a lot of money.

  1. Buy Gifts for Groomsmen

You must also go the extra mile and get gifts for your groomsmen. It’s important to purchase something for the most significant man in your life to express gratitude for their presence on your wedding day and the days before.

Numerous options include embroidered kits, cufflinks with their initials, engraved whiskey glasses, and koozies that keep your drinks cold. 

But do not be pressured to get the same thing for all of them. They are unique in their ways, and you will also want their gifts to be amazing.

The engraved glasses may be better than a unique set of cufflinks if you have a groomsman who enjoys whiskey but isn’t into dressing up. 

Getting their presents should be a fun part of planning for your big day, but be careful not to overspend.

  1. Prepare Payment for Vendors

Do not procrastinate preparing final payments and tips for the wedding vendors. Multiple vendors will require full or partial payment on the wedding day. Sending cash and checks should both be done in distinct, well-labeled envelopes. 

Give your best man or another trustworthy person in your life the job of delivering the money. And don’t forget to leave enough cash for tips.

Digital payment methods like PayPal and wire transfers should be an option if the vendor accepts them.

  1. Prepare Your Wedding Luggage

Now is the best time to iron your tuxedo. Do you need a reminder to polish your shoes? Have you packed your essentials? 

You must ensure everything you plan to wear on the big day has been cleaned and is in good shape. You shouldn’t have to dig through your closet to find a tie that might already be wrinkled.

Prepare your belongings and be prepared to leave right away. Consider the weather forecast for your destination so that you can pack the appropriate attire. Be careful not to overpack your suitcase!

Here are some essentials you should not forget for your big day

  • Suit

Although it may seem obvious, is it unlikely you might leave your suit in someone else’s car after the rehearsal dinner? Even worse things have occurred. 

To ensure you don’t leave without accessories, gather your suit, shoes, socks, and tie and set them right by the door.

  • Deodorant

Remember, there might be lots of sweating due to wedding day jitters. You want to smell fresh and good throughout the day to avoid putting anyone off (especially your spouse).

  • Mints or Gum

You know how your mouth gets dry during a presentation, and your breath suddenly doesn’t smell the best? At the altar, you wouldn’t want that to occur. 

If something happens, keep some gum or mints in your jacket pocket. Just remember to throw your gum away before the ceremony begins.

  • The Wedding rings

The rings are technically your best man’s responsibility, but let’s be honest: If they disappear, you’re responsible. 

And if you had a wild party the night before, you might not even want your best man to hold onto the rings until necessary.

  • Car Keys

You should have your keys nearby if you plan to drive from the ceremony to the reception. And you’ll want to make sure the keys are always available if you’re using your dad’s vintage car for the photo session.

  • Wallet

If you plan to have a bar at your reception, you’ll need a secure location for your cash. Keep it simple: Buy a wallet that can easily slide into your pants pocket without sticking out. 

Note: Do without your phone. Reading Facebook rants and Instagram posts won’t let you enjoy your wedding or reception. Give your father or a groomsman your phone right away before the ceremony. 

Before the professional photos arrive, ask him to take pictures of the highlights for some good souvenirs. After that, relax and have a wonderful time at your wedding!

  1.  Delegate Tasks

One easy method to ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day is delegating tasks.

Want assistance with last-minute tasks? Give them to somebody else to do them. 

Enlist the help of your best man, groomsman, or wedding planner to handle these issues, and try to maintain a low-stress level.

The men at the wedding party, including the best man, genuinely want to see you succeed. They hope to take part in the ceremony in some way. Simply inform them thoroughly and point them in the right direction, then relax. 

You should put yourself first. Although it’s more difficult than it sounds, doing this is best for you.

  1. Take Care of Yourself and Enjoy

To live a healthy lifestyle, one must get seven to nine hours of sleep each night and consume a diet high in colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Try this a few days before your wedding day.

Sleep well the night before the big event. Going to bed earlier may help you look your best and get enough sleep.

Even worse than nodding off during your vows is yawning through them. Later, your body and mind will thank you, and the reception will give you plenty of chances to catch up with friends.

The day has finally arrived after probably months of planning, so enjoying every second is important. Spend some time admiring your spouse and allowing it to sink in that you are surrounded by everyone you love. 

Step away from the chaos during the reception for a moment to enjoy the moment with your new spouse. After all, your wedding day is the only day you will ever have, so why not have fun?

You should also make some little gestures for your spouse. Simple gestures like sending a letter and opening a bottle of champagne could make a wonderful day even more special without costing a fortune. 

Place notes in various locations. Post-it notes, chalkboard drawings, and pieces of paper taped to the refrigerator. Right now, it’s acceptable to act corny and romantic.


Your wedding day will be as memorable as you and your spouse make it. You should not act unconcerned about the day, so play your part. 

Ask your spouse what she needs help with, and encourage her in her activities. But in all your activities, remember to enjoy the day with your spouse. 

Write thank-you notes to your friends and relatives from your side of the family for any gifts of money or items from your registry. The sooner you do it after the wedding, the better.

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