How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are an imperative part of a wedding. They are the perfect symbol of love and commitment that bind you and your partner. 

As you prepare for your wedding, one of the demanding tasks is knowing the perfect wedding ring to pick. Remember, you will wear this ring for the rest of your life—so you must make the best choice.

There are a lot of factors that you must consider when selecting your wedding ring. You and your partner should not overlook the importance of buying suitable rings in terms of quality, size, style, and cost. 

Ways to Buy the Perfect Wedding Rings

If you are shopping for yourself as the groom, or you are shopping for both of you, the following factors will help you select the best wedding rings for you and your partner.

Earmark 3% To 5% Of Your Wedding Budget for Wedding Rings

During wedding preparation, couples often overlook the purchase of rings, the symbol of love and commitment to their union. 

Most couples tend to forget to set a clear budget for their ring purchase and might end up getting disappointed when they walk into a jewelry store. Before you begin to search for wedding rings, determine how much you would love to spend on rings. 

Experts suggest that three to five percent of the wedding budget should be earmarked for the rings. However, bear in mind that the price of wedding rings is determined by the design, style, and metal of the ring. 

There is no strict rule on the amount to spend on a wedding ring, but make sure that you are not spending more than you can afford. To avoid regrets, determine the cost of your wedding rings at the early stage of your wedding preparation. 

Shop With Your Partner 

Shopping for wedding rings with your partner is an enjoyable activity. It creates an intimate and meaningful shopping experience. 

Trying on different rings and styles is a great way to bond with your partner as you prepare for your big day. There is an assurance that both of you will end up with what you love. However, it’s not a crime if you decide to go alone to shop for your wedding ring. 

Shop For Your Wedding Rings as Early as Possible 

Shopping for your wedding rings when your big day is a few weeks away is not ideal. You should shop for your wedding rings five or six months before your wedding day.  

Don’t let buying wedding rings be the last on the list; you may not have enough time to make the best choice. Finding the perfect wedding ring is not child’s play, because it takes time. 

Therefore, you should take your time and pick the right wedding rings. You can’t afford to wear the wrong wedding ring for a lifetime. 

Pick a Metal Type

One of the best ways to make the best choice of wedding ring is to learn about the metals that are used to create wedding rings and the unique features of each material. 

There are varieties of wedding ring metals that men can choose from. Hence, the need to learn about them to make the right choice that befits your lifestyle. Below are common metals for wedding rings that you can pick from.  

  1. Platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the earth’s crust. It is an impervious and expensive metal. 

For decades, platinum has been one of the leading wedding ring metals. Its sturdiness made it the ideal wedding ring for men who work with their hands, frequently handle chemicals, or often engage in activities that might result in abrasion to the surface of the ring. 

The durability of platinum makes it the best wedding ring metal to go for. However, it is highly expensive.

  1. Gold

This is the most popular wedding ring metal. Gold is usually mixed with other metals to improve its strength. 

Gold wedding rings are measured in karats to measure their purity. For example, pure gold is 24-karat, 18-karat gold has about 75% gold, and any piece of gold wedding ring below 14 karats has less than 50% gold. 

Therefore, your gold wedding ring must be 14 or 18 karats. The different gold families include;

  • Yellow gold wedding rings are naturally yellow and will not lose their color over time. They are a classic metal choice for modern and classical men, especially men with darker skin tones. 
  • White gold wedding rings shine better on fair and rosy skin tones. They are gold-plated in rhodium, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium is the metal responsible for the brilliant white color that these metals possess. 
  • Rose gold wedding rings are a mixture of gold and copper. They are often used to create distinct vintage effects. If you want a more distinctive look, go for a rose gold wedding ring. 
  1. Palladium

This is one of the most expensive wedding ring metals. It is similar to platinum but less durable. It is a superb choice for men who want the look of platinum but can’t afford platinum. It is a versatile, featherweight, and comfortable wedding ring metal. 

  1. Titanium

This metal is as strong as steel but lighter than steel. It is a popular choice of men’s wedding rings with endless design options. You won’t make a mistake if you go for titanium.  

  1. Silver

Silver is the cheapest metal used to create wedding rings. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and is not as durable as other metals. It’s the best choice if you want cheap wedding rings. 

  1. Tungsten

Tungsten is highly resistant to scratches, making it ideal for men who work with their hands. It is a working man’s wedding ring that requires low maintenance. If you are a working-class man, tungsten’s wedding ring is your best bet. 

Pick the Right Size of Wedding Ring

You will wear your wedding ring for a long time, therefore, you must buy the right size of wedding ring for yourself and your partner. 

Although rings can be resized after manufacture, this does not apply to all rings. So it’s best to pick a wedding ring that comfortably sits on your finger. 

Choose Your Most Preferred Style

Buying wedding rings is not an easy task, especially for men’s wedding rings. There are varieties of styles that may be difficult to select from. Below are four unique styles of rings that you can select from.  

  • Classic

This is one of the most popular options for wedding rings you can pick from. It has varieties of smooth or stylishly rough textures. 

  • Diamond

Diamond wedding rings are a great way to add extra personality to your ring. You can decide to buy a single diamond like an engagement ring or a ring with several diamonds wrapped around it, the choice is yours. 

  • Curved

Curved wedding rings are your best bet if you want rings that are comfortable to take on and off. Their curved edges allow the ease of taking your band on and off. 

  • Gemstone

If you would love to add personality and a pop of color to your wedding ring, then gemstone wedding rings are a sure bet. 

Buy Rings That Match Your Lifestyle

If you want your wedding rings to last for a lifetime, then you must choose wedding rings that match your lifestyle. Your daily activities determine how long your rings will last, and that is why experts suggest that you buy wedding rings that go in line with your lifestyle. 

Those whose daily activities involve hitting hard surfaces or metallic objects should not choose rings with delicate diamond designs. On the flip side, celebrities can go for rings with attractive designs, which may not be the best fit for an office worker that deals with a lot of typing. 

Therefore, it is important to put your lifestyle into consideration before selecting your wedding rings. 

Low Maintenance Cost

Wedding rings get dirty daily. Hence, they need to be cleaned and maintained daily. You should go for wedding rings that are not difficult to maintain. 

For easy maintenance, couples should go for wedding rings that are not customized. Customized rings and rings with fancy designs are difficult to maintain. Rings made with gold and platinum are the best bet for you if you don’t want to spend a fortune on maintenance. 


Do Both Partners Need a Wedding Ring?

Yes, both partners need a wedding ring. A wedding ring serves as a symbol of commitment between the two lovers. 

How Much Should a Wedding Ring Cost?

There is no specific answer to how much a wedding ring should cost, it depends on the couple’s choice and budget. 

Is a Wedding Band Also Known as a Wedding Ring?

Yes, a wedding band is also known as a wedding ring. 

Final Words

The importance of wedding rings cannot be underestimated. Therefore, finding wedding rings that perfectly fit you and your partner is mandatory. 

Your wedding day is a one-day celebration that you must forever cherish. Pick the perfect wedding ring and you will have a reminder of your love and commitment to each other till the end of the world. Perfect wedding rings for you and your partner!

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